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The Department of Psychiatry provides comprehensive psychiatric services to all age group. It offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services to children, adolescents, adult and elderly. The Department offers the following services: Psychotherapy Behaviour therapy Hypnotherapy Electro Convulsive therapy

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Nerve & Muscle Related Problems

Numbness/burning in hands & legs (Neuropathy): Diseases affecting axon or myelin part of a nerve can cause neuropathy. Diabetes, vitamin deficiency, viral infection, auto-immune disease, drugs can cause neuropathy. The patient can have numbness, burning sensation, slippage of chappals and weakness of limbs. Proper treatment of these problems can give a very good relief to…

Neurologist in Chennai - Neuro Life

Spine & Nerve Related Problems

Paraplegia: The weakness of both lower limbs is called paraplegia. It is usually due to spinal cord problem like transverse myelitis, trauma, disc herniation, cauda-equina syndrome, tumour, AV malformation etc. Also it may be due to Guillain-Barrie syndrome, decreased potassium level, Polymyositis . Certain brain causes like superior sagittal thrombosis, cerebral palsy, frontal lobe tumour…

Neurology Surgery

Neurology Surgery

Neurology is a medical specialty that is associated with the diagnosis, surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the disorders which affect the nervous system. The nervous system includes brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system and extra-cranial cerebro-vascular system. This deals with the treatment of congenital conditions, trauma, and infection related or degenerative conditions. Here are…

brain related problems

Brain Related Problems

Head Ache Almost every person would have experienced headache at some point of time. It has significance and need to be consulted with a best neurologist in Chennai, if the headache lasts for more than few days An intermittent headache more than 3 months Very severe , sudden onset With vomiting, blurring of vision, fever…