OP Consultation

Neuro Life hospital is a specialty hospital for neuro patients. It is the only hospital where you can consult the same neurologist for 12 hours in a day and emergency care 24 hours a day. Every complaint of the patient will be heard and adequate time will be spent on the examination of each patient. Every patient will be given the utmost importance and care in this hospital from entering to exit. We have the policy of “QRS – Quick Response with Smile” to any patient at anytime.

After consulting with the neurologist, Neuro investigations like EEG, EMG, NCS, PSG etc can be done immediately in the Neuro lab, adjacent to doctor room. The report will be given in 30 minutes and can review with the doctor on the same day. Other investigations like blood test, urine test, ECG can be done. Full time pharmacy is available in the ground floor.

The Specialist doctors of various departments are available for Out-Patient Consultation in our Hospital. To fix the appointment, Call – +91-72000 72140.

Emergency care room is available to treat all type of medical emergencies and we have specially trained medical personnel to treat neurological emergencies. The neurologist will come to treat the emergency cases in most of the situations. Here NO-DELAY NEURO CARE is our Principle. The patient will get neurological and complete evaluation periodically by the neurologist.

The emergency room is on the ground floor where specially trained staffs are available round the clock and it is equipped with the necessary equipment including suction apparatus, nebulizer, oxygen etc to treat all type of medical and surgical emergencies including trauma. EVER-READY EMERGENCY CARE is available.

For the patients who need hospitalization, they can be admitted in a room with options like ICU, deluxe room, private room, ward etc to suit their preferences and affordability.

ICU is a 10 bedded unit providing advanced intensive care services to patients admitted with critical illness. It is well equipped and excellent care will be given by the dedicated staffs.

A team of highly efficient specialist doctors are available here round the clock so that the treatment and procedures are delivered to all the sick patients without any delay. Here, Nurse:Patient ratio is 1 : 1 for the ventilated patients and 1:2 for non ventilated patients .

This ICU is a well equipped with latest mechanical ventilators, non invasive BIPAP machines, infusion pumps,  continuous ECG and BP monitors, pulse-oximeters,  haemo-dialysers, and so on.

A centrally airconditioned unit with pleasing interiors will give the patient a feel of relief and comfort. Infection control measures are taken regularly so that the patients are out of danger from cross infection .

Success rate is very high and mortality rate is low in this unit .The team of doctors and staffs are always result oriented and the quality of care is monitored well.

ADVANCED CARE AT AFFORDABLE COST is our motto and this ICU is known for its cost effectiveness


Neurological diseases often result in various residual disability and handicaps. A fully functional multi-faceted physiotherapy  department is available  and occupational therapy services will be introduced soon.

The Department of Physiotherapy at Neuro Life Hospital  aims to promote health and fitness in every patient’s life. It is managed by qualified, skilled and experienced physiotherapists . We believe in providing holistic treatment for all cases to restore the patients’ normal or near normal activities of daily living and reduce suffering.

The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation is well equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipments., This equipments help the patients to reduce pain, restore muscle balance, correct posture and address activity and functional limitations.


The key procedures and techniques offered at the Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation are:

  • Cervical & lumbar traction
  • TENS
  • Ultrasonic therapy
  • Electronic traction
  • Manual traction
  • Wax bath
  • Infrared rays
  • Electric muscle stimulation
  • Interferential therapy
  • Short wave diathermy ( soon )
  • Laser treatment ( soon )